Boot Scoot n’ Boogie

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I fell in love last weekend. With the Broken Spoke. My roommate’s mom (fun fact: she was formerly a competitive country dance champion) came in town from Minnesota and it was only fitting to let her show off her Texas two-step at our beloved country dancin’ bar. Upon arrival, I felt like I had been transported to one of those terribly amazing rom coms set in a quaint southern town (i.e. Sweet Home Alabama, Hope Floats, the Hannah Montana movie).

It didn’t take me long to start surveying the crowd for interesting fashion items. I spotted one set of identical twins dancing together which was a little confusing, but they were both fully committed to the Rockabilly look. There was another girl with full bangs, extra long hair, and an amazing vintage belted dress. And then there was this:


After harassing the poor girl wearing these fabulous boots and convincing her to let me take a picture for my uber-successful fashion blog, she told me the story behind them. They were passed down to her from her Grandmother a few years ago and she never really gets to wear them anymore since she lives in New York. I mentioned that I would be glad to take part-custody while she is living there. She can just have them back when she comes into town again?

Moral of the story: Finding good style is a little bit like shopping at the Ross shoe section. Sometimes you gotta check in all the wrong racks in order to find the right size. Broken Spoke seemed like it just wasn’t going to fit, but it turned out to be just my size.

shop shopping away

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Since Em and I have been doing a less than perfect job of providing our dedicated reader-base with actual pictures of street style, we decided we would just go shopping instead. We spent almost all of yesterday hanging with Marsha over at Flashback. We are still tired, but are working hard to get pics of our ah-maze-ing finds posted asap. Keep an eye out for a little interview with the lovely and talented Miss Marsha soon, too.

See you soon, y’all!

By George has sales?!

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peep this, y’all

Wine Down Wednesday – totes magotes gonna be there

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Wine Down Wednesday – 6/1/11 – austin events –

sleeping with strangers | via @atxhipsters |

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An easy guide on how to be cool in Austin. Thanks, atxhipsters. You never disappoint me. Many a sweaty Saturday has been spent here (see pic), grinding with anonymous bearded strangers, and failing to convince bartender Brad to give me free shots (because I deserve it, obvs). 



sleeping with strangers | via @atxhipsters |.

Missoni Spring 2011 Campaign Video Ad

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Missoni does festie-wear. gimme.

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From top to bottom:

  1. Jeffrey Campbell shoes at Feathers. Don’t mind the adorable little fox trying to eat them. Try pairing these with this season’s short-shorts or flowy maxi skirts to complete your look.
  2. DID YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS YET?! If not, you must must check it out. The amazing Masha and Emily, the ladies behind feathers, started Austin’s newest designer consignment store. I mean, if you still need more convincing, take a look at their bloggy blog – I may or may not be drooling.
  3. I am almost as excited about this as I am about Moss. There is just something so incredible about neighborhood bookstores. They are never the right temperature and smell…interesting…but I still expect magic to happen every time I walk in. I also bought Matilda on DVD this weekend – the taped version I had on VHS was no longer cutting it.

pretty in pink

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one of my fave color combos - shoes are by Messeca (amazing)

Color blocking is so hot right now

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via chictopia

Saturday walking

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My roommate and I went walking around on Saturday, exploring the streets of Austin. Our intentions were to find some fashionable peeps to photo, but the  gloomy weather and the impending end of the world had everyone hiding inside. We walked all the way from South Congress to the downtown farmer’s market and back up South 1st street, stopping at boutiques and snapping pics of the scenery as we went along.

I bought some new shoes at my very favorite store in Austin, and we snacked on Macaroons at Patisserie on Annie st. All in all, a fantastic day.

I am sure you are asking yourself why exactly I am telling you this, but I honestly don’t know. I just want someone to see the cool pics I took with my new camera.

Oh yeah, and street style really is coming…soon

This fire hydrant is happy to be your dog's best friend

shorts I am lusting after at St. Bernard's


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